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Let's build a website
you will love.

Whether you have an existing WIX site that needs an overhaul or need help designing a site from the ground up, I can help you create a website that you can be proud of.


What good is a beautiful website if no one can find it? WIX SEO tools will help your website rank higher in searches and will grow your search engine visibility, making your website easy to find. With instant Google indexing, your site gets listed in under 30 seconds and starts appearing in search results.

As a WIX EXPERT, I can create a beautiful website that helps grow your business.

Wix Velo Coding Development Services

Wix Velo Coding Development Services 
FROM $600 | 3-5 Business Days

Wix Code (or Wix Velo) is a developing platform integrated into the Wix ecosystem that allows users to build advanced sites. ... In other words, it's a way to provide the Wix editor with advanced features to create more complex sites.

Wix Velo Coding

Wix SEO Services 
FROM $800 | 5-7 Business Days

Let’s get you found on Google! 

We offer a Free SEO Audit! 

We run a report on your WIX site,

review and explain what is not working and suggest what we can do to approve traction. We dive deep and explore errors that could be causing data push back from Google, technical SEO is a strategy that we offer with different options and pricing plans to get you visible.


SEO search engine optimization is all about checking the right keywords, tagging your images, and a plan to get you the traffic and business your site deserves. 

We offer a one-time SEO set-up and different monthly plans to help get you visibility. So let's plan your SEO package! 

wix seo services wix expert studio
SEO Services
Wix Support
Wix Expert Studio Support Training

Get ready to take notes...

This Package includes:

· One 2-hour one-on-one class via screen           share.

Wix Support & Training 
FROM $400 | 

With this package you will get one-on-one WIX INTERFACE training.


In addition to addressing the individual issues you are unable to resolve on your own I will teach you:


  • How to navigate


  • Important quick tips for future        edits and changes

  • Rules for keeping your site simple,  modern and professional

So are you ready to optimize your WIX skills? What better way to learn than with a Wix Expert! 

Wix Expert Studio Top Agency
Wix Rescue

Wix Rescue
FROM $1500
7-14 Business Days 

Tried to DIY your website in WIX only to feel frustrated? Don't have the time to finish it on your own? This package is perfect for you! I will take over and deliver a beautiful website so that you can focus on running your business. Leave it to the WIX EXPERT!

Wix Rescue

This Package includes:

• Revise a 4-6 page Wix website

• Website Audit to explore what isn't working  and how we can improve user experience. 

• Mobile Optimization

• free 1- hour Web Strategy meeting 

Links to existing Social Media pages

• Error 404 Page 

Starter Package
Wix Starter Package

Starter Website Package
FROM $2,500
30 Business Days

( timeline could vary based on how quick you can provide content ) 

Start growing your business online with a beautiful and results-driven website. This package is an excellent solution for retail shops, artists, designers and more.

This Package includes:

• A 1-6 page custom Wix website

• free 1-hour Web Strategy  meeting

• Mobile Optimization

• Domain Installation & Set-up

• Blog Set-up

• Links to existing Social Media pages

• Error 404 Page 

Deluxe Website Package
FROM $3,000
Up to 60 Business Days

( timeline could vary based on how quick you can provide content ) 

This package is for those who need advanced features such as the ability to take bookings online or sell products in an online store.

Wix Expert Studio Deluxe Website Package

This Package includes:

• A 4-6 page custom Wix website 

• free 1-hour Web Strategy Meeting

• Mobile Optimization

• Advance App Set-up (Up to 10 store items)

• Domain Installation & Set-Up 

• Blog Set-up 

Links to existing Social Media pages 

• Error 404 Page 

Deluxe Web Package
Wix Expert Studio Accessible Partner

accessWidget: The leading
Automated  Web Accessibility
Solution  Powered by AI

Wix Expert Studio is an

Wix Expert Studio AccessiBe Partner

Everyone should be able to enjoy 
your website , regardless of ability!


By streamlining accessibility, accessiBe's solutions empower businesses of all sizes to take the inclusive approach and comply with ADA & WCAG.

Wix Expert Studio AccessiBe Partner

Wix Expert Studio 

Wix Expert Studio AccessiBe Partner

Understands ADA & WCAG compliance.


Wix Expert Studio invites you to save! 

Receive free processing on up to $1,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days*.

Afterward, you pay the standard 2.6% + $0.10 per swipe for all major credit cards**.

Wix Expert Studio Partners with Square
Wix Expert Studio Square Partner
Wix Expert Studio and Printful
Wix Expert Studio Printful Partner

Wix Expert Studio is a Printful Affiliate

Create and sell custom products online via WIX 

Easy print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse services.

That's right WIX makes it easy for you to connect to PRINTFUL!  I will integrate Printful into your WIX website.

So let's get you started  on making extra income on designing your own sellable items like: 

Phone cases

Posters & Canvas Prints

Coffee Mugs 

Beach Towels 




Aprons and so much more. 

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