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We love all animals.

Which is why we help and protect them, we ask with a warm

heart if you could help as well.

Click a DONATE box of your choice below and make a difference.

Thank you on behalf of the helpless. 

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Hummingbird Society Of Sedona

The Hummingbird Society was created in 1996 as a nonprofit* organization to help people understand and appreciate hummingbirds and to provide a channel to help save the ones that are endangered.That sums it up well for the purpose of the Hummingbird Society's mission: teach people about hummingbirds, and they will understand them better; and from that understanding and caring, will come support for their protection.

You can do your part by becoming a member of the Hummingbird Society, for only $40 (tax-deductible, too), or by making a donation.


Enter your 5-digit zip code to use Audubon’s native plants database and explore the best plants for birds in your area, as well as local resources and links to more information. By entering your email address, you'll receive an emailed list of the native plants you've selected, get additional tips on creating your bird-friendly habitat, and help us keep track of your contributions to our efforts to get 1 million native plants for birds in the ground. 

Wix Expert Studio Cause
Wix Expert Studio Cause

Capital Expansion Project

For nearly two decades, The Oasis Sanctuary has been a safe haven for unwanted, aged, neglected, injured and special needs parrots. For countless birds, The Oasis is their last option and offers a new beginning. 

Sedona Humane


The Humane Society of Sedona building was designed by Shelter Planners of America and built-in 2009. 

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