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You will love our SEO services.

We provide monthly reports and services that will help

you rank higher on Google.

Let's get you visible!

Wix Expert Studio, Wix Designer, Wix SEO Expert, Wix Coder

$1000 | 3-5 Business Days

This Package includes:


  • Website Audit to explore what isn't working and how we can improve.

  • SEO Plan

  • Keyword performance optimization 10 Keywords per page up to 5 pages 

  • Structured Markup will be corrected and

      fixed on each page

  • “Local Business” markup  tagging 

  • My Google Business listing 

  • Connect Analytics to Google Account

Wix Expert Studio, Wix Designer, Wix SEO Expert, Wix Coder

Monthly SEO Monitoring & Optimization
FROM $1500 | per month

SEO Monthly Analyzation  

For an effective and successful SEO plan to work in the field of digital marketing, you need to use various SEO tools.


That's where Wix Expert Studio comes in with an arsenal of professional skills and services that make your Wix website searchable. 


Our SEO service ensures your meta title, meta description, meta tags, external and internal linking (Site architecture), image optimization, silo structure, loading speed, content optimization, and mobile-friendliness are performing correctly. 


We monitor trends and changes in data push back from Google and correct them on a month-to-month basis. This is essential. Wix Expert Studio uses one of the most popular SEO tools in the industry.


We provide a monthly progress report indicating the trends and improvements done to your site. 

This planned strategy works!  It's essential to the growth of your business. 

This Package includes:

  • Keywords / Phrases per page

  • Each Word will be displayed in a report showing how it performs monthly on the site's organic search list.

  • We will remove or add additional words assessing keyword performance.

  1. Words that are not performing will be removed and replaced with other words or phrases to equal 25 keywords per page.

  • Structured Markup will be corrected and fixed on each page.

  1. Include “Local Business” markup 

  2. Open days (can be added)

  3. Hours of operation (can be added)

  • My Google Business to Wix account

  • Analytics to Google Account

Monthly maintenance report of your site includes:

  • Authority score

  • Organic search traffic, which also shows the number of keywords used

  • Backlinks

  • Display Advertising – How many Google ads have been placed

  • Traffic Analytics: This tool shows information for the past month and also allows you to track the dynamics of traffic for 6 months to the entire existence of the site. The indicators include the following:

  • Visits 

  • Unique visitors 

  • Pages/visit

  • Avg. visit duration

  • Bounce rate

Want more info and pricing details on packages over $1500 per month?

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